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Photos and videos of our successful Spring Concert to come soon.
Flash reviews on the night:

“A lovely mix of music- something for everyone”

“The band were in fine voice”

But if you can’t wait for more of the same, see our frineds in Appleby Town Band who will be giving a drop-in concert on the 22nd June in support of Edenside Oaklea Trust

Exciting Spring Concert Line Up

Forget Eurovision – if you want proper music come to our concert on Saturday 18th of May, 7.30pm at the Parish Church.

Highlights include: music from La La Land, Schindler’s List and The Favourite , medleys from South Pacific and Fiddler on the Roof and a spine-tingling Lament for Flugel Horn.
Don’t be “Strangers in the Night” – Join us at our concert so “You’ll Never Walk Alone” .

Frank Jackson

It was with sadness that we learned last week of the death of Frank Jackson. Frank was a committed band member for much of his long life. He taught beginners, acted as bandmaster, played (at least) cornet and euphonium, and much, much more: he was integral to everything the band did for decades.

For many of the years when we played around town on Christmas morning, the day would start memorably early with bacon sandwiches at his house.

In this photograph from Boxing Day 1960 Frank is seated far right.

Many current members played with Frank –  and the band, and the town will miss him. Every future member of the band will unknowingly benefit from his abiding influence

How beautiful are we?

What do I see when visiting the Taggy Man – – recently but a whole wall of originals for sale by local artist Ken Martin, many of them featuring us, performing in various venues across town.
You can see an example of Ken’s work on our home page (click home above) – but go check out these pictures at the Taggy Man for a better sense of his work. And a nice pint too.

Soundproofing helps beginners

Our fantastic band hut boasts two rooms, so we can run two beginners sessions at once. But the dividing wall is thin, and it’s been hard for beginners to concentrate on the notes they’re producing, when they can hear so clearly the music coming from their fellows next door. So we’ve invested in some soundproofing tiles to reduce the problem. An excellent use of the money we raise through playing, helping to bring on future generations of players. Gordon Kay and Dave Precious have been sticking each tile in place this week – as you can see Gordon’s reached the top today.

KSSB at the Fun Palace

On the 6th October 2018 the band were asked to take part in a Kirkby Stephen Community Arts “Fun Palace” day – a celebration of culture in our local community. A small group, led by band chairman John Ockenden, demonstrated how brass instruments work and how to play music on a hosepipe – with some help. A delighted and amused audience (aged from 3 years old to slightly less young) took the opportunity to try out a range of instruments brought to the event by the band. To close the day on a high note, we finished with participants joining in, as the band played a simple tune.

You can see photos of the event in our gallery, and this brilliant video shows these novices’ first ever note playing with a brass band