“That Was AWESOME!”

So said a pupil at Kirkby Stephen Primary School after a visit by KSSB players on Monday 11th June. We ran a workshop with Year 5 pupils, playing them some music and talking about the band, music and brass instruments.










Then we helped them try out a number of intruments we’d brought along






Then we ran the whole school assembly, playing for the children to sing along to and demonstrating how brass instruments work using a hosepipe, two watering cans and the tubular leg of a chair.

One teacher said: ‘I walked into singing assembly and who should be sitting at the front: a quartet from the Silver Band led by John Ockenden, what a legend. He was so great with the kids – it was a fantastic, inspirational assembly’

Years 5 and 6 children took home invitations to take up brass playing with the band.

You can see more photos from the day here